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History of Jubilwell Gundogs

The Jubiwell family of dogs

The Jubilwell affix (Julie and Bill Cadwell) was born in 1985 when we first started out with Labrador retrievers.

Labrador Retrievers

We bought our first Labrador in 1984 and had a go at an exemption show where we got the bug for showing. Bill then tried his hand at working with success and wanted a challenging spaniel to train.

Sussex Spaniels

Our first Sussex spaniel bitch, Deercombe Jenny Wren of Jubilwell, (Right) came from Julia and Bob Bishop in 1990. Shortly after came our first dog, Quintic Bagetelle of Jubilwell in 1991 from Pat and John Perkins. In 1992 our first homebred litter of Jubilwell Sussex arrived, of which we kept Jubilwell Charlotte (Left).

Clumber Spaniels

Meg Bryher Lily Clumber dogs

In 1997 we decided to try our hands at training a Clumber Spaniel, as Bill heard they were a little stubborn and wanted a challenge. This led to Greencourt Mistic Meg of Jubilwell, bred by Ian and Andy Shaw. Then our first homebred litter arrived in 2001, we kept Jubilwell Clowning Around.

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